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Spaces created by Shakoor Interiors offer surprise, delight and just the right amount of disruption. The design firm, founded in 2001, works with its clients to explore the intimate relationship each person has with interiors, be they grand rooms, odd corners, or personal hideaways. What the team at Shakoor Interiors knows is that exquisite details, well-curated objects and treasured art and memorabilia create homes that are not only beautiful but vibrant, filled with life and passion. 

Shakoor Interiors recognizes that a home is brought to life using color, texture, proportion, fabric and most of all vision. Shakoor Interiors, principal, Erin Shakoor, is inspired by art, architecture, faraway places, and more than a bit of rock and roll, allowing her team to create interiors that reflect her client’s unique point of view and individual passion. Their interiors are effortless and, rather than looking designed, appear to have been developed over time.