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Spaces created by Shakoor Interiors offer surprise, delight and just the right amount of disruption. Curiosity, intuition and vision are the core elements the firm brings to each project. What the team at Shakoor Interiors knows is that exquisite details and well-curated spaces are at the heart of interiors that are polished and unapologetically chic. Their collaborative approach allows them to explore the intimate relationship each client has with their interiors, be they grand rooms, odd corners, or personal hideaways. 


Color, brilliantly presented, is the number one reason clients seek out the firm. The Design Principal’s proprietary ‘color conversations,’ and approach to infusing dynamic color into projects, results in interiors that are effortless and appear to have developed over time. 

Fine Art plays an integral role in every Shakoor Interiors project, and the team has long-standing relationships with fine artists and international gallerists, who provide works unique to each client.

This style is identical to none.
— Rakim